Yellow Jacket 37840 – R134a
August 3, 2016
LV Series – Rotary Vane – Duplex models
August 4, 2016
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LV Series – Rotary vane – Simplex models

The LV Series range of compressors is engineered to meet the most stringent of specifications. Their compact, simple, robust and integrated design allows them to be fitted anywhere. Easy to install and maintain as well as extremely quiet. Available in tri-pod or tank mounted models, single or duplex motor/compressor combinations.

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  • Available in 2 to 10 HP
  • Outputs from 4.5 to 28.9cfm dependent on model
  • Extremely quiet (65-72 Db output)
  • Wears IN not OUT, efficiency improves over time
  • 100% Duty cyle
  • Slow speed (1760 rpm)
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor
  • Direct drive
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • 10 year warranty available