ADG Pro-Air
November 30, 2015
Mondolfo Ferro MT3350- 3D Laser
November 30, 2015
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ADG Pro-Air Plus

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  • Steel connection fittings increase capacity to 250PSI for high pressure applications
  • Corrison proof light weight aluminum extruded piping offers a clean, professional appearance.
  • Extruded aluminum piping maximizes pressure transfer by eliminating resistance in the lines.
  • Higher CFM flow rates maximizing your compressors capability
  • System can be easily modified or expanded as your shop changes, simple push/pull collett connectors
  • Optional water trap “T’s” remove water at every turn, extending the life of your pneumatic tools
  • System available in 15, 22 or 28mm diameters.
  • Contact your local member for a free in-shop estimate.


  • Pro-AIR System – lower PSI capacity (to 150PSI) , lower cost