Mondolfo Ferro – AS944 LL & AS944 LL SRM Eagle
December 7, 2015
Mondolfo Ferro – S112 and S112 SX1
December 7, 2015
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Mondolfo Ferro – AS914 and AS914 SX1

As shown as AS914 SX1


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  • The AS914 features simple swing arm design with the ability to handle a wider range of Rim Widths and clamping capacities.
  • Features the vertical swing arm column doubling as the surge tank, saving floor space and allows for against wall installations.
  • Bi-directional electric turntable has four self centering clamps with High Pressure inflation jets built in for quick and easy tire inflation.
  • Side mounted bead breaker comes standard with plastic slide-over protector and a unique Stroke Regulator preventing tire crushing.
  • AS914 offers adjustable clamping capacities, with the simple two second flip of the guide bars the capacity expands to 24″ outside.
  • The AS914 may be equipped with the optional Left Side Mounted RPX Pneumatic High Performance Helper tool.


  • AS914  with bead assist SX1
  • S112 SX1 Economy import