Mondolfo Ferro – Raptor with Wheel lift & Pressmate
December 7, 2015
Mondolfo Ferro – AS914 and AS914 SX1
December 7, 2015
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Mondolfo Ferro – AS944 LL & AS944 LL SRM Eagle

As shown as AS944 LL SRM Eagle


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  • Built for years of durability in High Volume shops, the AS944 is a brute with a gentle touch.
  • Right side mounted  optional Super Rm Bead Assist offers advanced features.
  • Bead Assist is equipped with HD top roller for remounting, swing bottom roller for lifting and bead depressor for holding bead in the drop center.
  • Tower mounted 60mm x 60mm slide-way with adjustable rollers guarantees years of deflection free service
  • Self centering wheel clamps are easily adjustable with a simple turn of a knob to expand out to 24″ outside clamping.
  • Optional bayonet style mount-demount head quick change allows for use of steel or plastic mounting heads quick and easily.
  • Standard protective covers for Tire Bar, Bead Breaker blade and Turntable clamps insures no metal to metal contact with rim.
  • Optional wheel lift eliminates risk of back strain on heavier SUV tire rim combinations.


  • AS944 (tilt tower only)
  • Raptor (advanced leverless)